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You Specify It, We Supply It!

The Beer Machine is capable of refrigerating/carrying 12 tonnes of stock in standard format (when carrying its own ancillary equipment) or 15 tonnes if an additional support vehicle is used.

The client can choose from almost any brand of product as we have supply arrangements with all the major breweries.
We can offer a full product range for events that require us to be a 'portable pub' including bottles, soft drinks, wines and spirits.

We do not suggest dispensing 'Real Ales' from 'The Beer Machine' due to the settling time required.
We can dispense draught Real Ale from another of our units if required, subject to time on site etc.

All tastes are catered for from draught beers, lagers, stouts and cider, onto the latest (and not so 'latest') trends in Alco-pops and spirits.
Either partner would be happy to meet any potential client and discuss a product spread to suit their event.

The Beer Machine can be configured in several different ways to suit the job in hand.

With fully enclosed integrated 'Beer Tent' including French door entry for those chillier times of year,
With a rain or sun cover only with fully open sides and front ( necessary for high volume operation),
Fully branded to suit the product supplier or sponsor,
Branded as 'The Beer Machine' with no product supplier advertised ( can be essential if sponsorship conflict exists )
Fully staffed with servers, Cellar man only, or just our site technician ( normal on all options ).

There is now the option of 'Baby Beer Machines' which can be booked in addition to their Big Brothers or as stand alone units.

Our Deals:

How do YOU want to work it?

Do you want us to do it all or just supply the unit? We really are open to your suggestions. We have hirers who wish us to provide a full service as in the options below, hirers who wish to staff the unit(s) with us supplying the products, and others who just want a built and maintained unit leaving them supplying the products, staff, and cellar men. We are open to negotiation on any of these.

For those who want a complete package read on..

There are three principle ways 'The Beer Machine' is utilised.

We supply the unit, stock it, staff it, service it, are responsible for pricing, cash handling and all operational facets, and for the privilege of being involved in your event, we pay you a ground rent.
This as are all our deals, would be negotiated in advance and would require us being able gain sufficient information to be able to gauge attendance and customer profile etc. This is obviously much easier for an existing event with a track record.
As with all events, poor attendance for whatever reason can prove a disaster for all concerned. The risk of this means that this option would give you a guaranteed return for your event, where as the other two listed options, the returns cannot be guaranteed.

We operate as above but instead of a ground rent, we agree a percentage of our GROSS sale to be paid over as commission to the organisers. This method would usually again have to include a measure of shared risk of poor attendance but if the average was to be achieved, it would give a greater return than in option one.
As with either percentage option, you or your representative will be invited to view the operation along with all till readings before and after the session.

Again operating as in option one but this time agreeing a percentage of the profits. This in percentage terms is by far the higher. The risks are minimised as our operating costs are most likely to be met with even a poor attendance. When the attendance is higher than expected, the returns can be spectacular.

We can, and have worked using a mixture of these options to allow a promoter or organiser an amount of up-front money with the top up of a percentage deal as well.

Talk to us... we don't bite?


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