The Beer Machine


What you get with 'The Beer Machine'

· A refrigerated cellar comparable to any good Pub
· A 40ft long, crowd crush proof steel framed bar
· 20 independent product lines (can be tandem split )
· A built on 40ft x 40ft (12m x 12m) beer tent marquee
· An array of bottle coolers/fridges for Alco-pops & soft drinks
· Spirit racks for the harder stuff.
· Branding and advertising to attract sales.
· One of our staff on site for the duration of the service.
· A choice of 3 phase electric or diesel run main chillers
· Full set up service

‘The Beer Machine’ has an internal water supply and waste tanks with H & S approved double sinks/hand washing facilities. A staff first aid kit and fire extinguishers are also onboard.

In addition, we can offer:

· Doubling up of founts (dependant on product spread and space available)
· Hard floor covering for the full marquee area (12m x 12m)
· Ice Machines (subject to water supply and drainage)
· Add on 20 ft trailer bars to ease congestion
· Full serving staff
· Cellar man
· Branded Durable vessels/glasses
· Exterior branding to suit your event (we have 2 of 12m x 1.5 meter banners as standard.
· Café style furniture for those longer ‘laid back’ events
· Speciality products such as ‘Alco slush’ and mulled wine
· External floodlighting

Associated services:
· Stages and stage covers up to 20 meters useable width
· Stage Lighting
· Site Lighting
· Site security fencing and stage crush barriers
· Stage and site sound systems up to 100Kw
· Generators and site power distribution
· Technical Event Management
· Marquees


In addition to the main 40ft bar we can place 20ft trailer bars at strategic locations to ease the crowd control system.

The beer machine can dispense up to 5000 pints per hour, if a token system is operated this can be maintained more effectively as cash transitions can slow the rate down.
The initial on board stock is up to 12 tonnes (160 11 gallon barrels) this is chilled during transport and kept refrigerated by the integral chiller. All products are dispensed via cooled lines from a cooler park of 5 remote coolers.

The Stock can be topped up by direct to site overnight deliveries or as required.
Disposable glass substitutes will be used for all outside events, although clients could provide stronger (polycarbonate) branded 'glasses' advertising the event or sponsor which can be retained as a souvenir, (very handy on annual events as patrons can start to collect a series). These can be sold/included with the entrance fee on a 'no glass-no beer' basis. This helps ensure that the glasses are looked after and most will be taken home, leaving less mess to clear up in between sessions.
For more good ideas, just give us a call!

What we need from you

The Beer machine can be fully operational within less than 8 hours of arriving on site, being a self contained unit the only requirements are access for the unit to a hard standing area, a 3 phase power supply and a nearby water point, (a generator can be provided by us if needed). We would conduct an on site survey prior to the event to make sure access and locations are suitable and the choice of products can be confirmed.




We organise all the licensing so you can concentrate on organising your event!



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